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Play Gym Liners are EZ, Safe, and Clean!

Now all of your feathered friends, from the smallest parakeet to the largest macaw can enjoy a clean, fresh-white play gym bottom liner each day. And you can enjoy freedom from scattered bedding mess, soggy papers, fungi contamination and other unsightly, unsanitary conditions. All for only a few pennies!

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Very economical! Costs only 1/2-to-1/5 the price of alternative liners.
We stock the two most common play gym sizes, precut so there is no trimming.
No bedding to scatter outside the exercise cage.
Eliminates mold, resists fungal growth. Won't hold moisture.
A week's supply fits in bottom tray for quick daily change.
Hypo-allergenic. Won't irritate birds.
Non-absorbent, white surface allows easy health monitoring of droppings.

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Play gym liner with centered hole
22.5" wide  x 30.5" long

Play gym liner with hole centered 5.5" from bottom
16.37" wide  x 22.5" long

Unique CageCatchers waxed paper liners are designed to allow placing a full week's supply in each play gym bottom. Simply remove one each day to keep your bird's environment fresh and clean. CageCatchers' smooth, white, non-absorbent surface allows at-a-glance checking of droppings for signs of illness, distress or other problems. CageCatchers are available in the two most popular bird play gym settings.

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